12 Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy On A Snowy Day

by Destri on February 2, 2011

Marble Painting

Baby, it is cold outside.  No really, I have been freezing all day, and I think when I am finished here I may have to go hop in the tub to warm my bones!  Before I go I wanted to give you some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained when they’re all cooped up.  All of these ideas are simple, requiring only things most people have around their house, have fun!

12 Ideas For A Snowy and Rainy No Good Rotten Cold Day

Turn a picture of them into a coloring page, print, and add crayons.

Have fun with snail mail, seriously our favorite activity!

Have a tea party. They’re the best.

Bundle up the kids and .

Got milk?  Make some rainbows!

Paint with marbles, were doing this when the kiddos wake up.

Marshmallows + toothpicks = at least an hour of entertainment.

Get out some books, pile on the floor and read.  I know, novel idea…but sometimes we need reminding, no?

Everyone has junk mail, why not let the kids play with it?

This list, oh it’s golden!  I have called on it many a times.  Great great ideas!

! Why not have fun with it!

I was just doing this with my kids last night, and they were fascinated!  Then I found this post, I had no idea it was called . Seriously, they think it’s magic!

Looking for more? We have another great list with 14 more ideas to keep them busy on a rainy/snowy day requiring only simple things you have around the home.

All right, that should keep them busy for at least a couple days, now I am heading for the tub…burrrrrr!

Anything you would like to add to the list?  Do share, links welcome!

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