About TMH

Hello friends, welcome to “the huddle”!  We’re so glad you’re here.  If we were only given one word to describe what TMH is about, we would have to go with sharing. A collective of talents, interests, insights, and all the stuff that makes us happy, and occasionally the things that make us crazy, we share here with you.

On any given day you’ll find fun and useful Diy projects, free step-by-step sewing patterns and tutorials, recipes to help put a quick and delicious dinner on the table, kids crafts that will surely make you the coolest mom on the block, beauty and style advice that applies to us over the age of 18 :), and of course the occasional “we’re in this together” parenting and lifestyle posts.

We find the best way to keep up is through our free weekly email newsletter –  it has all the posts of the week in an organized presentation, allowing you to pick and choose what content you’d like to view.



Editorial Calendar

We try to stick to a schedule, making it easier to follow along with what of our content interests you most.  Our editorial calendar is as follows:

Monday - Make it Monday  We like to make stuff, some of us more than others :) .  We like to keep things simple, fun, and useful.  You will see projects for the home, family, holiday ideas, crafts, and simple solutions.  We believe in the power of creating – it brings a sense of pride and fulfillment that nothing you can buy on the shelf will supply.

Tuesday - In The Kitchen  Our recipes are geared towards mothers with a tired two year old hanging on one leg while cooking, and a picky four year old sitting at the table. Simple, easy, and realistic.  You will see a little from all our kitchen’s in this segment.

Wednesday - Crafty Kids Corner  “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand” ~Chinese Proverb.  We have learned that it really doesn’t take much to make your kid’s day.  With a little paper, glue, and scissors we’ll show you how to get kids creating, learning, and entertained.

Thursday - Sew be It  This segment is filled with tutorials, free patterns, and sewing techniques with the beginner in mind.  Destri supplies a lot of pictures and step by step instruction to walk you through each project.  You will find projects for the home, kids clothing, adult clothing, gifts and simple solutions.

Friday - Beauty & Style – Our newest segment covers everything from how to keep your skin looking great, hair style tutorials, diy beauty treatments, and styles that we can pull off both at the playground and on a date night.

Saturday - A Simply~Charmed Life – Here we share ways to make our lives as women, wives, and mothers more fulfilling.  Traditions, simple ideas, and stories that might make your life a little happier. And sometimes, we are just looking for someone to relate, and say “ya, I’ve been there”.


Our disclosure

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