Four Last Minute Costumes

by Davina on October 29, 2014


The Eleventh Hour

With only two days until Halloween, you might still be trying to help a child decide on a costume or you may have been trying to avoid this day.  And now it’s here and you need to call in for back up.  We are here for you!

We have four ideas for you that are fairly simple to pull together here at the eleventh hour.


We just finished reading the about a month ago and Miriam loved the idea of in her hair.  We got some glow in the dark snakes and even though they didn’t really work….they still looked awesome! And I love her intense stare that can turn you to stone….

To create this costume:

Raid the toy box for some snakes and twined.  Tie the snakes to one inch chunks of hair.  Add snakes until you get the desired affect. A long togo-like dress or a sheet wrapped around the body and tied at the middle with a rope or ribbon are options for creating the robe.


Black Bat

This was probably the craziest transformation.  When Emma was all decked out in black makeup we could hardly tell who she was with the addition of the black wig.  When I was taking pictures of her she seemed like she would always disappear into the background of every picture.  She was in full bat character the way she would become almost invisible.

To create this costume:

Dress in all black.  Purchase a black short wig and fangs at Party City.  Paint face black.  Voila.


Evil Princess

Grace didn’t want to be something cutesy this year.  She wanted to be something scary.  Really though, is it possible for her to be scary?  She was casting spells on everyone that came by her.

To create this costume:

Dig in the dress up bin in the toy chest and find a princess costume.  Paint face white with black eye makeup and red lips.  Add a black wig…and evil spell casting fingers and eyes.


Napoleon Dynamite

We are absolute (and ) fans around here.  Emmett and Napoleon were one on Halloween night.  The moment the final piece of his costume was put on (the glasses) he was in full character.  From the huffing, to “GOSH”, his illegal ninja moves from the government, his lips hurt real bad, the way he ran from house to house, and …Emmett was Napoleon. Napoleon was Emmett.

To create this costume:

Purchase a white t-shirt and red iron on letters (both can be found at wal-mart).  Add a pair of jeans and moon boots or tennis shoes and a pair of glasses from Dollar Tree.

What are some of your easy and simple last minute Halloween costumes?  Please share in the comments!

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