Free Printable :: Halloween Trivia

by Destri on October 7, 2013

Free Printable Halloween Trivia

With the popularity of our Printable Thanksgiving Trivia Game, I thought you all might like some Halloween Trivia for your printing pleasure too.  I scoured the web for some fun facts and little known history to make up this trivia game that’s great for all ages.  There are questions the kids will love, and plenty to stump the adults.

Perfect for that Halloween party you’re throwing, or the best hostess gift for the one you’ve been invited to.  You could even keep it on the table to play at dinner on the nights leading up to Halloween to keep the family entertained.

I made made up 3 pages of trivia cards (24 questions and answers total) and also a blank set of cards that you can fill in. There is an instructions card, and an envelope to keep it all in too.   All you have to do is print, cut, and play!

Catch me after the jump to print your own Halloween Trivia Game!

Printable Halloween Trivia Game

I used a light colored Halloween themed scrapbook paper to print the envelope on, but just in case you don’t have any on hand I also made a decorative envelope you can print.  For the cards and instructions I printed on white card stock.  I kept the colors to black and white, so it’s ink budget friendly :).

The blank trivia cards are perfect for adding family Halloween trivia – like “what was dad for Halloween his senior year of high school”  and hopefully it was a cheerleader or something like that.

To print, just click on each image below, then right click and save to computer.  Then print with no scaling (check preview to make sure it isn’t cutting off anything) on portrait.

Halloween Trivia Set 1

Halloween Trivia Set 1

Halloween Trivia Set 2

Halloween Trivia Set 2

Halloween Trivia Set 3

Halloween Trivia Set 3

Blank Trivia Cards

Blank Trivia Cards


Instruction Card

Instruction Card

Blank Envelope

Blank Envelope

Decorative envelope

Decorative Envelope


If you are at a location that you cannot save to a computer like the library, you should be able to click on the image and then click on file in the browser options and then click on print.

Halloween Trivia Cutout

Then just cut them all out.  I cut the cards out just outside the frame, and the envelope has a template showing where to cut.  Cut on the solid line, and then you will fold on the dotted.

Halloween Trivia Envelope construction

To put the envelope together, just fold over the two large flaps on the dotted lines and glue or tape.  Then fold one end over and glue.

Halloween Trivia Printable

Then slip it all inside the envelope and seal with glue or tape.

I think this would make a great addition to neighbor “you’ve been booed!” packages, or even just sent to your favorite family.

Happy playing!


p.s. I spotted 2 typos while reading through my printed version  – you can offer bonus points to those who spot them first :).  Unless I fix them…cause it’s totally buggin me!

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