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by Davina on August 30, 2014


back to school

I can’t believe school is already back in session.  For us, we’ve been back to school for 10 days.  For some of you, this Tuesday is your first day.

One of my favorite things to send off to school with my kids is .  It’s an awesome way to make, not just the first day of school easier, but everyday of school.

Here are some lunch note ideas for you:

*Quote movies. In our family, we all love Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite, School of Rock. They all have some awesomely quoteable lines in them. So I’ll pick a quote and then sign it.  I think it’s hilarious and so do they…

*Thank them for something they did to be helpful.

*Tell them one of your favorite things about them, their personality, helpfulness, ability to share, nurture, the way they like to learn, how curious their mind is, how much they like to cuddle, etc.

*Share a laffy taffy joke.

*If it’s going to be a tough day include a scripture or uplifting quote.

*Give a coupon: Today after school just you and I are going for a walk together.

*Write a coded message that feels like it’s for a spy.  Write everything backwards or give each letter of the alphabet a number.

*Remind them of a great memory you’ve had together.

*Quote words of their (or your) favorite song.

More fun stuff

In case you keep getting questions that end with the answer FINE when you’re talking to your kids, try out these now and during the first week of school.  Here are some other fun lunch notes as Halloween gets closer.

Happy First Day of School! :)

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