Princess Birthday Party Ideas

by Aubrey on February 13, 2013

Princess PartyBack in December my daughter turned four and life is ALL about Princesses for her right now.  So we decided to have a Princess Birthday Party!  We were lucky to have a friend that has a job being Cinderella at Princess Parties, so she was able to come.  This party can be done without a Princess too, but it was sure fun to have her come.    We’ve done a couple of scavenger hunt birthday parties and have found they are a fun way to keep kids entertained and involved.  The scavenger hunt was to find Cinderella’s glass slipper.  My hubby is amazing at putting the clues together, he is quite the poet.  :-)  Catch me after the jump for all the details and clues.

Princess Scavenger Hunt


Cinderella at the door

We began by having Cinderella come to the door and read this:

I’ve lost my glass slipper,
What shall we do?
We need to find it,
To help true love’s kiss come true.


Off on a scavenger hunt we go,
Adventures and games that you may know.
A few rules first before we start,
Listen real close then we’ll depart.


 There will be seven clues on our journey to find the glass slipper.  There will be games and activities on the way.  All princesses must stay together. The clue will be read and everyone will work together to guess the Disney Princess and uncover the clue.


First Clue:

With the jewels all shiny and bright,
I will be all ready for the big night.
We will make one of these for our head.
Prince Phillip and the Fairies love these, they said.

Name the Princess   – Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

What are we making? –  The girls decorated little tiara’s with stickers that I found in the party section at Walmart.making tiaras

Second Clue:

Now that the crowns are complete,
We are ready for something real neat.
Off with Aladdin we run,
To find the Magic Carpet of fun.
Stories await us when we’ve arrived
And make-up will be applied.

 Name the Princess – Jasmine

What are we doing?  We went to a rug in the toy room and I read the girls Sleeping Beauty while Cinderella applied sparkly eyeshadow on the girls.story and make up time

Third Clue:

With Prince Eric we go to the sea of balls,
To find a picture of the Princess who calls.
She’s a mermaid with a voice,
Who had to make a choice,
Between living in the sea or on land.

 Name the Princess – Ariel

What are we doing? – We have a Princess ball pit so the girls had to go in the ball pit and find a ball that had an Ariel sticker on it.Princess balls

Fourth Clue:

We have found Ariel in the sea.
So we wonder what the next clue will be.
With so much fun to be had,
You are sure to be glad,
To solve a ‘puzzle’ with the Beast’s love and her friends.

 Name the Princess – Bell

What are we doing? – We divided the girls up into groups of three and each group put together a Princess puzzle that I got at the dollar store.

princess puzzles

Fifth Clue:

By now you probably can’t wait,
To hear the next clue at any rate.
With a pumpkin and mice in a trance.
This Princess is late for the dance.
 Name the Princess - Cinderella

What are we doing?  Dance with Cinderella to some Princess music.dancing

Sixth Clue:

What fun to dance all around.
Next we are going to take some time with a crayon.
This Princess with her long hair loves to paint,
And hits Flynn Ryder so hard that he faints.

Name the Princess - Rapunzel

What are we doing?  Color a Princess picture.  I just got a Cinderella coloring book and the girls each colored a picture to take home.

Seventh Clue:  

This Princess must kiss Naveen.
The only problem is that he is green.
Lay a smacker on lips,
And there won’t be any tricks.
A Prince you will have at last.

Name the Princess - Tiana

What are we doing?  We played pin the kiss on the frog.kissing frog

lips on the frogEighth Clue

Tired and ready for a treat.
There is cake and ice cream that is ready to eat.
Let’s have some right now
And find the slipper somehow
When our bellies are no longer grumbling.

After they found Cinderella’s slipper underneath the table we celebrated by eating cake and ice cream.castle cake

I made this castle cake out of a mold that I bought at Michael’s.

birthday girl with Cinderella

This birthday girl was beaming the whole party.  It was so magical!  Like I said, you don’t have to have a Princess come to the party, it could easily be modified!


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