Ribbon Pillows

by Davina on September 26, 2014


Part of something bigger

This little project is part of a much bigger project that we did a few years ago!  This is just a small piece of our Dinner in the Woods.  To see more of that project begin .

These pillows are oh! so simple but look fantastic here as fall approaches.  They have a wonderful Anthro feel to them for a fraction of the cost and look fantastic thrown into vintage chairs for a dinner in the woods.

Ribbon Pillows:

We loved the look of all mismatched chairs and went to garage sales and estate sales hunting down our favorites.  We wanted to give them a more warm and comfortable feel as well as something that would bring them together.  We decided on these ribbon pillows, inspired by a project my friend, Natali, had already started on…


The starting point was a simple muslin that we tea dyed (pretty easy stuff…get some black tea-50 bags-and steep them in boiling water, dip the washed fabric into the tea and let it soak for a short time for a light dye and 15 minutes for a deep dye…we soaked for 15 minutes…wash the fabric and dry it before using).


First cut the sizes of pillows that will fit comfortably into your chairs.  We were thinking lower back pillows (I think there’s an official name for them but totally can’t think of it!) and so we kept them small.  Cut a variety of ribbon (I got these super cute ribbons at Wal-mart!) to fit your pillow and straight pin them to the muslin.  Sew a straight line down the middle of each ribbon to secure it to the muslin. (We didn’t worry about the color of thread we used since non-matching tread is part of the charm.)

Calico, print fabrics, and linen were our favorites for the backs of our pillows.  With the ribbon side of the muslin down on the front side of the calico, print, or linen fabric we cut around the muslin to create a matching back to each pillow.  Sew around three sides, turn it right side out, fill with stuffing, straight pin the opening closed.  Sew the end closed with a straight seam on the sewing machine.  (If you prefer not seeing the seam you can hand sew…we didn’t want to hand sew!)



What plans do you have for the upcoming months now that it’s officially fall?


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