Semi-Homemade Halloween Decorations

by Destri on October 11, 2012

Simple Halloween Decor

Are you ready to get your spook on?  There’s still more than two weeks left before the ghosts come out at night, and I’m going to show you how to whip up a fun potion display in less than a day that the kiddos will love .  There’s even a bubbly lit up caldron complete with printable potion recipes that look as though they were torn straight from Snape’s potions book.  My goal was to keep it under $50.00 and make sure it will all fit in a small box for easy storage for next year – and I think I pulled it off.  Bonus – my kids think it’s awesome.  This would be a great table display for Halloween parties too, catch me after the jump!

Simple and Inexpensive Halloween Decor

I have always had this fantasy of really fun decorations filling up my house during Halloween – I think it comes from being part of the Harry Potter generation.  It just seems like the perfect time to add a little “magic” to our lives.  Every year, I drop the ball; but I decided this year I was going to pull it off.  I had to keep it small so it will fit in a small box for our next move, and I wanted to keep it relatively simple.  I decided I would go with a potions lab theme, and I love how it turned out.

I knew I wanted some spooky ingredients to fill up some jars.  I bought some fake spiders and webs, filling a jar with the webs and then tucked in the spiders.  I also picked up some skeleton fingers and cock roaches to fill up two other jars. I picked up all those items at Micheal’s.  I had some old bell jars, but mason, or even food jars with the labels torn off would look great.

I picked up the potion bottles at Micheal’s too for 50 cents each and filled them with water and added a little food coloring.

For the potion books, I just took black construction paper and wrapped around some of my kids small board books.  Stack them and I had a little scoop I thought was fun for the display.

Easy Halloween Decor

Also at Michaels I picked up the black bird for $5.99 and the little jar next to it for $2.99, and the two skulls ($1.49) to put in a little cake stand I have. The black netting you see was actually a table cloth found at Michaels too for $5.99. The plates (2.99) and candles I picked up at Target.  You can’t see them very well, but we have purple LED lights under the netting – really fun at night!

The caldron, arguably my kids favorite part – I picked up at Joann’s.  It was the only place I could find a small one to fit on my shelf.  I believe I got it half off at 3.50.  Then I just put some orange LED lights I picked up at Target in the bottom and filled the top with cotton balls. We pulled them apart and let them spill over the side for a bubbly look.  I have to say, the picture really doesn’t do it justice – it looks pretty cool at night all lit up.  Next to that I filled a little decanter I have for my dressings with water and food coloring.

For the potion book I made up a little page to tuck into a book, and then set it on an easel I had on hand but you can find them everywhere. I have the edited (fixed my spelling :)) version for you to print off –

Just click on the image and save to your computer.  Print on landscape setting.  I made this over on , and they have oodles of options you can play around with for Halloween.  I have a tutorial coming up.

For the table, I just filled my fruit stand with apples, and then strung some of the webbing over it and added the spiders.  I picked up the lace runner at Joann’s when I got the caldron.

Again, the plates I found at Target for $2.99 and the black chargers under the paper were $1.99.  They are dishwasher safe too :).  I was trying to find some black goblets, but couldn’t for the life of me.

To finish it off I just stretched some of the webbing over the cabinets and let the kids put the spiders up.  All in all it took a half a day of shopping finding everything  at three stores – Target, Michaels, and Joanns.  Then an hour to put it all together.

My husband came home from work and the kids could barely wait for him to get through the door to show him what we’d done.  And every night they fight over who gets to turn on the lights.  Definitely worth the effort!

I think this could be adapted for a mantle, shelves (here’s a tutorial for great looking shelves), or a side table display.  If you’re having a Halloween table, you could have all sorts if fun with the theme.

We have a few more Halloween goodies coming up over the next few days, including a fun Trick or Treat basket, some printable labels for making Halloween favors your friends will get a kick out of – and of course the week of Halloween Fun List.

Stay tuned!


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