Tutorial ~ Dressed Up High Heels

by Destri on July 26, 2011

Diy Dressed Up High Heels

I wish I had a font that could accurately reflect my excitement over these shoes!  I will have to settle on the exclamation point.

You guys, !!!!!!!.

It all started about a month ago when I spotted on Pinterest (seems that is where many obsessions start for me these days).

Then I clicked over to see the price tag.  $695.00 (insert gulp).  They were sold out, or I totally would have bought them.  I really want to hang out with the ladies that spend that kind of money on shoes.  Maybe it would rub off on me :).  Even then, as I have mentioned before, I have quite possibly the widest feet known to man; leaving me to a lifetime of the wide width section at the local shoe chain.  Wide shoes are hardly ever cute shoes.

Then I came up with an idea to make my own version…

Seriously the easiest project, with only a few supplies needed.  I will catch you after the jump with all the details!

How To Dress Up A Pair Of Heels

A little fabric glue and bias tape was all it took.  Let’s get started!


  • shoes
  • double fold bias tape – ¼ inch and ½ inch (craft store)
  • fabric glue (most stores and craft stores)
  • scissors


First, iron the bias tape so you can’t see where it was folded over on the packaging.  Do Not Iron Out The Double Fold!

For lining the shoe you will use the ¼ inch bias tape.  Start on the outside edge just below the curve.  This is the place you will put your bow in the end, so make sure to start where you want the bow.  I ran a thin strip of glue along the outside edge and then smoothed it out with my finger a bit.  You do not want the glue to thick, or it will seep through.  Remember, when it comes to fabric glue, less is more.

Next make sure that the wider part of the bias tape is on the outside (the side that will show).  Then just press it over the edge of the shoe and run your fingers over it to secure to the glue.  The glue doesn’t dry super fast, so you will have a little bit of a chance to work with it.

Work around the shoe in about 3 inch sections, making sure to smooth the tape as you go.  I did glue the inner edge as I went along, but you could wait until the end if you want.  Whatever is easiest :).

Like I mentioned, the bias tape curves nicely, so just bring it around the toe of the shoe carefully, and snip the end to match where you started.

For the second shoe, start again on the outside curve.  I went the opposite direction than the first shoe, so that the widest part of the bias tape was on the outside again.  Repeat the same process as the first shoe.

Easy right?  Now we can work on the bows.

You will use the ½ inch bias tape for the bows.  Cut a five inch piece with straight ends.

Open up the piece and run a thin strip of glue on the inside, then fold in half again and secure with fingers.

With the widest part of the bias tape facing down, dab a little glue on the center of the tape.  Now pull the ends over to meet up in the center; hold with fingers to set a little.

Now cut a two inch strip from the ¼ inch bias tape…

And a 2½ inch piece from the ½ inch bias tape.

Dab a little glue on the center of the ½ inch piece, and pinch in between fingers like shown.  Hold until set.

To make the bow, you will place the 2½ in piece on the underside of the bow, then wrap with the ¼ inch bias tape.  Play with it until you like the way it looks then put a little glue on the back.

This is the backside of my bow,  I just overlapped the middle strip and glued.  Hold until set then trim the excess off.  Cut the tips at an angle and run a little glue over the tips.

Dressed Up Heels

Now just glue the bow on over the seam.

You’re finished!  I went around all the edges with the glue just to make sure everything was good and secure.

This is how they look on.  I wore them around all day and they held up great.  Actually, they stayed on much better than before.  The tape keeps them from sliding off :).

My little one asked what I was doing and I told her I was taking pictures of my pretty shoes.  She ran and put on her favorite slippers to join me.  They may very well trump mine :)

You could do so many fun things with this idea.  There is all sorts of pretty bias tape out there, has a great selection. I can see a cute pair of little girl shoes in my future!

If you happen to give this a try let me know!

ps…I kind of have a thing for bias tape.  It can be used for the brim for a sunhat, or an easy way to mimic piping for a blanket, perfect to cover metal headbands…oh sheesh, I could go on and on!  Keep it on hand you’ll find all sorts of ways to use it :)

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