Tutorial ~ Simple 3 Twists Hairstyle

by Destri on September 19, 2011

First, a little back story:  I was on Pinterest (I know, big surprise) awhile back and Ms. Ez from pinned a , and mentioned she needed to learn how to do it.  So I piped in that I should show her how.  I have been wanting to do a hair tutorial for ages now, so this was the perfect reason to get it done.  I was a hairstylist in my first life, and I am not too shy to say I was a pretty good one – I can’t say that about everything, so I will take it where I can ;).

So here it is, my first hair tutorial, wahoo!  It is a hot mess style – you know the I just rolled out of bed, twisted my hair a bit, and look hot without trying too hard kind of look – or something like that.  It is so so easy; a little backcombing, 3 twists, about 8 bobby pins, a splash of hairspray and no one will know you were up with two kids twice last night :).  Shall we get started?  Catch me after the jump!

 It is best to start with 1-2 (even 3) day old hair that has a little wave to it.  I had my friend sleep in a braid to get some texture and wave.  Tip: dirty hair is always best for these kinds of styles, so to get more days in between washes, wear your hair down the 1st day (styled with hairspray so it doesn’t get greasy), half up the 2nd, and all the way up the 3rd.

Next you will want a little lift through the roots.  Just backcomb (How To Backcomb Your Hair Post Here) the crown area, don’t forget the front. Tip: make sure the front of your hair looks the way you want in the front, you won’t want to mess with it later.  Also, if you are wanting it messier and bigger like the , then really go to town with the backcombing.

So now we have the hair looking a little fuller, and the front styled the way we want it to look in the end.  Take a little hair creme and rub it in the palm of your hands.  Run your hands through the ends of your hair to separate them a bit.

Split your hair into three sections, pulling the sides in front of your shoulders, leaving just one section in the back.

 Lift the back section up and backcomb at the base.  This is essential!  The bobby pins need a little something to grab onto so they won’t slip, and this will provide that anchor.

Take the section and twist once like shown.  Keeping your fingers at the base, slip in a bobby pin on the inside of the twist where you backcombed.  Then slip a second pin in, making an X with the pins.  If you feel like it needs a little more reinforcement, add more pins.

Next take the second section and hold it out to the side like shown.  Tip: If you have thin hair, you can backcomb at the base a bit to add a little oomph, when you twist the hair, it will hide the “nest”.

Twist the section once loosely right next to the first twist, like shown in the picture.  Tip: pin where your fingers are holding the twist, if your fingers are securing it there, so will the pins.  Make sure to make an X with the pins.

Now take the third section and hold it to the side like the first, then twist a few times, and cross over the first two twists and pin underneath where you first originally backcombed.  Make an X with a second pin.

Now spray the heck out of it!  Just kidding a little should do :).  You’ll notice that because of the backcombing at the nape, all the pins are anchored well, so you don’t get that tug that usually comes with using bobby pins, resulting in no afternoon headache.

I have shoulder length hair and this style works great for that length as well.  It kicks the ends out to the side a bit for a fun look from the front, I will have to snap a picture the next time I do it.

So I was thinking of doing a couple of videos, like “how to properly use bobby pins” and “how to backcomb without looking like you just stepped off a 90’s movie set”, what do you think?  Would that be useful?  I just see a ton of hair tutorials out there, and really the only way to pull them off is to understand these basics first.  Let me know if you’re interested and I will see if I can muster the nerves :)

**EDIT you can find the How To Backcomb Your Hair Post here

Happy Monday friends, hope it’s a great start to the week for everyone!


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