11 Easy Sewing Projects

by Destri on January 10, 2014

11 easy sewing projects - perfect for beginners

I have a feeling many happy ladies around the world got a new sewing machine for gifts this holiday season, and you’re looking for some easy sewing projects to start off with.  If you’re not you should be – my first project was tackling a set of difficult valences and I swore off sewing for at least a year after that experience!  Best to start with easy :).

Sewing is fun when you start with something simple and build your confidence with each project.  The reason is each of those projects, will generally teach you a new skill in sewing.  In no time, you’ll be looking for something to challenge your new skills, and for me, that’s when sewing really got fun.

I have quite a few sewing tutorials that are perfect for beginners, and a few favorites from around the internet too.  I tried to pick a variety that would introduce you to some simple techniques that you will use frequently, and that will teach you as they go.  All have step by step photos, and clearly written instructions.

Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners

  • Pillowcase dress tutorial – out of all my tutorials, this has been a favorite for beginners – simple step by step instructions, and you come out with a very well made adorable dress
  • Super simple neck or head scarf – all you need is a little fabric and there’s a template to help you out
  • Simple A-line skirt – no zippers, no buttons, and you can make it in any size- just sew and slip on
  • – I love this project and it will help you practice turning things out and getting corners nice and crisp
  • 15 minute drawstring bag – this tutorial gets used over and over and it really can be done in 15 minutes
  • Re-usable pouches – these were used for salt pouches to take in the shower, but you could use any fabric for any use
  • - these are great for aches and pains and the tutorial will introduce you to using some new materials like twill tape, and velcro – very easy
  • Hanging fabric baskets – so easy and super useful – great introduction to sewing with interfacing
  • – I have made these and they are so cute, and it couldn’t be any easier
  • – super cute and perfect starting project for working with knit – which is easy, don’t let it scare you!
  • – great tutorial with free pattern and shows great finishing work

That should get you started!

Here are a few more links that should come in handy:

Now, go sew something!  That new machine will be no fun just collecting dust :)

If you do have any specific questions, just leave them in the comments and I will answer them there!


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