Pulling Out the Sewing Machine

by Aubrey on April 12, 2012


Hello friends!  I just had to share my success story here with all of you.  Destri has been trying to convince me for years (literally) to pull out my sewing machine and make my three girls some cute things (like she is doing all the time, sheesh!).  I’d thought about it numerous times, but just wasn’t feeling like I could do it.

With the new year I decided to make a goal to make my girls Easter skirts.  My biggest excuse for not doing it sooner was that I didn’t know where to begin…finding a pattern, picking out fabric, finding the time….etc.  Luckily, Tara, from , came to my rescue.  We went to the fabric store and she helped me look through the pattern books to find a pattern (didn’t know you could do that…:-) and then she helped me pick out the fabric.


Then she came to my house and helped me cut out the pattern and sew part of one of the skirts.  Then she did what any good teacher would do and left me on my own to make them, but that I could call her with any questions.  Hours and hours later I did it!  I’m so glad that she did leave me to make them because I learned a ton.  She also helped me make a cute for my baby.   I’m so happy how they turned out and it is so fun to see them wear them.  I’m excited to get going on some more skirts or pillowcase dresses that are so adorable!

What is keeping you from pulling out your sewing machine?


p.s. the photos were taken by Ashley from the fabulous .  If you are in the San Antonio area you’re in luck – she is too!

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